Sadecka Grupa Producentow Owocow I Warzyw Owoc Lacki SP Zoo

Sadecki Group of Fruit & Vegetable Producers “Owoc Łącki” Ltd. has been in business since 2003. Initially, there were only 17 members. Nowadays the company has 63 shareholders. Due to that, the common acreage is more than 300 hectares of orchards. The production capacity of the Group is 12 000 tons, and the Group's freezing plants hold up to 7 000 tons of apples . We have got 39 freezing rooms with controlled atmosphere, with the capacity of 170 – 180 tons each. To meet the market expectations, the company has equipped itself with a modern sorter able to distinguish the fruit between size and colour, a packing line using plastic bags and also a water disembarkation line for an initial fruit sorting, which allows us to sort a big amount of fruit in a short time. We have certificated quality systems: HACCP and GlobalG.A.P.