Associaçao dos Jovens Agricultores de Portugal

The Association of Young Farmers of Portugal (AJAP) was first created in 1983, in order to raise rural businessmen awareness about the importance of the associative movement and to represent the young Portuguese farmers within and beyond borders.

AJAP is a private non profit organisation, regarded as legal personality with public utility and with a NGOD (Non-Government Organization for Development) status.

AJAP is the only organization that represents, at national and international level, the young Portuguese farmers, aged between 18 and 40 years old.

However it doesn’t apply only to the youth, the dynamic action of AJAP along Portugal also contributes to the modernization of Agriculture and the fight against the upcoming desertification seen in many Portuguese regions.

In order to develop and stay close to local realities, AJAP has created, and keeps creating several delegations in Portugal and in autonomous regions (Madeira and Azores). It also has delegations in Maputo and Brussels.

The interests of the young Portuguese farmers are represented by AJAP in a conscious and active way. In order to accomplish it, AJAP is associated with Portuguese, European and other international organizations.

In Ibero-american countries this representation is made by CAJIR – Consejo Asesor Internacional de la Juventud Rural – it’s formed by non-government organizations and youth associations and promotes the development of rural youth.

In Europe, AJAP stands in CEJA - European Council of Young Farmers and Euromontana, which is the only Portuguese institution that represents, in a European level, the mountain farming.

CEJA represents over a million young farmers all over European Union. In this important organism, AJAP had three vice-presidencies, the last one in 2001-2003, by Eng.º José Firmino Cordeiro, current President of AJAP.

In what concerns to the representation of Portuguese young farmers, one could say that AJAP has a fundamental role of strategic partner in several institutional organs.

The Portuguese Young farmers execute and present several action proposals in Market Advisory Committees of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries – MADRP. They also attend in all Regional Land Councils and have an important position in National Council of Agriculture and Fisheries – CNADRP.

The work relationship in these inquiry organs is a dynamic process and assumes cooperation and criticism in order to execute and implement measures of agricultural politics appropriated to Portuguese agricultural needs.