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main goals of the projectscientific objectives

Fruit producers are increasingly responding to consumer demand for premium grade fruit. FRUITGRADING will provide fruit producers a novel solution for sorting different types of fruit by quality grade. This technology will optimise the separation of fruit according to quality by evaluating the internal characteristics of fruit.

  • European producers will be able to identify and select the finest quality product, guaranteeing the consumer premium fruit at the best price.
  • European consumers will be offered premium fruit at its best with a price according to its quality.

Sorting solution for the fruit sector.

  • To integrate low-cost inspection technologies to assess the internal quality of fruit which is liked to nutritional value.
  • To provide a competitive advantage to fruit producers by developing a new fruit grading technology based on contactless sensors.

Contact-less inspection technology to evaluate fruit quality and maturity state.

  • Premium Products Segmentation.
  • Innovative Technology.
  • Cost-effective Solution.
  • Quality Standards.
  • Fruit Sector Competitiveness.
  • European SMEs Advantage.